Project Description

Playful animation to engage the audience

This playful and imaginative animation enlivens Jill Badonsky’s website. It was created in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. Jill supplied me her rough AI illustration files. I fine tuned her illustrations and brought them to life via animation. The animation files are JSON (AKA Lottie) format and suitable for all platforms and devices.

The original hand-drawn logotype expands and clarifies the brand’s exuberant persona. WordPress was used for the website platform. I designed and development the website as well. The website is still in development and will be up shortly.

The Muse is IN works with: Artists, writers, performers, film-makers, and any individuals wanting creativity coaching, workshops, or publications to overcome blocks to their creative call or simply to create more pleasure and joy in their lives.

Click on the animation images to bring them to life. Refresh the page to click on them again.

Website design and logotype