Project Description

I was hired by Larry Marine to design the user interface graphics. Larry is the principal and User-experience Architect at Intuitive Design. Larry was hired by PLS Logistics Services to design their shipping application. This app is highly complex and required a large team of specialist to develop. This included a team of programmers, a User-experience Architect, and me, a User Interface Graphic Designer. Larry provided logical and intuitive designs that he created in Balsimic. I relied on his wireframes to design the graphics.

In my opinion, second-rate user interface designs respond in unexpected ways. Conversely, well designed user interface designs respond as you expect them to. To met this end, I had to understand how the application responded when users clicked on various UI elements. These processes and behaviors influenced my UI graphic design decisions. My goal is to satisfy user expectations.

I provided pixel perfect screen designs, specification sheets and sliced images for web development.