“While there are plenty of graphics/visual designers out there, its hard to find one that combines a great work ethic with awesome design talents. I brought Jeff in on a big project where he performed with great professionalism and provided excellent results. He is easy to work with, listens intently and gets the job done right, and right away. I look forward to working with Jeff on future projects as I intend to bring him in whenever I need high-end graphics work that impress the clients.”
Larry Marine, User Experience Architect, Usability Testing, User Research Pro

“Jeff has produced a number of very important marketing materials for my business. I am so proud to use those pieces as the work he did is so good looking. He takes my ideas and makes them come to life. He has a design sense that comes from studying design, years of experience, and an artistic gift. He is fully open to suggestions during the process and every time I have ended up with a product that is way beyond my vision. I consider Jeff a critical strategic advantage to my business and am so grateful he works with me.”
Andrew Bennett, Inspirational Magician and Expert on Leadership, Creativity, and Change

“I worked with Jeff on an exciting project for OKbridge, the world’s largest online bridge community. Jeff created all the graphics for the new, web-based game design. We all worked remotely as part of the design and development team. Jeff was an excellent colleague and team member. His knowledge and skill was outstanding!”
Theo Mandel, Ph.D., User Experience Design, UX Strategy, Usability Expert

“We hired Jeff to update an existing logo icon for a branding project. The client was very particular about preserving the legacy of their existing logo while simultaneously creating a fresh look. Jeff was able to strike an ideal balance between the old and new much to our relief and the client’s pleasure. Win-win.”
Bob Grimes, Owner, Amara Grimes Design

“It is truly an honor to work with, and benefit from the talents and personality of, Jeff Kahn. What is especially refreshing is how multifaceted Jeff is. An unqualified expert in branding, logo design, interactive design, advertising design, website development, and all forms of print media—Jeff consistently produces designs that are amazingly creative and extremely appealing. In short, Jeff’s work is truly inspired and a delight to behold. Even better, Jeff is a genuine pleasure to work with. His keen sense of “what works and what doesn’t,” and his willingness to go the extra mile to create designs that take your breath away have made Jeff an invaluable member of the CoolHotNot team.”
Allen Stalvey, Director of Operations | Program Director | Organizational Leader

“Jeff is your dream designer. “Brilliantly creative” is an understatement. He not only has extraordinary artistic sensibilities, but he is also the consummate team player: upbeat, patient, straightforward, humble, persistent, likeable, and reliable. Jeff has an incredible talent for graphics and design, and I can recommend him wholeheartedly.”
Dave Whittle, Founder & CEO at CoolHotNot Corporation

“Jeff is a detail-oriented graphic designer with an eye for print and web applications of his work. He’s quick to reach agreement and equally quick to seek clarification of work to be done. He’s accessible as a person (not just with his time but his thinking as well) and delivers on-time, on-spec, and on the mark.”
Brett Walker, President & CEO, 818 Group

Jeff Kahn did a fantastic job of helping us redesign our website and our logo. He asked myriad questions to create a powerful brand that has allowed us to continue to grow sustainably through very difficult economic times.  Jeff is a great listener and has an insightful marketing mind. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone wishing to take their company to the next level.
Steven L. Anderson, Ph.D., MBA, Integrated Leadership Systems, LLC

“I can honestly say that after Jeff revamped my website, the traffic increased 60%, newsletter subscriptions increased by 75%. Expanding my subscription list has proven to be the most effective strategy for increasing my client list and income. Working on my website with Jeff was a joy. The flow back and forth of ideas and ways to best execute them was effortless, fun and just what my unexciting website needed. His intuition could accurately, quickly and expertly translate my needs and desires into a website that is a perfect expression of my creative business. It was one of the easiest business collaborations I’ve ever had.”
Jill Badonsky, Creativity Coach, Author, Speaker

“Jeff has done some great logo design work for both of my businesses. His lay out work was fast and very professional and worked perfectly for newspaper advertising. He’s very creative and has an excellent eye. I will be using him again.”
Alison Reid-Bretell L.Ac, Owner North Shore Acupuncture Clinic

“I hired Jeff to develop my logo and my website. With the logo, Jeff was a joy to work with. I shared my desires and he let his creativity reach into the ether. It found something beautiful (many somethings beautiful if you include the logo ideas that I didn’t choose) that reflected me and the work I do very well. Our interplay was satisfying as he has strong communication skills and a sincere interest in creating beauty. I wanted to maintain consistency in my brand so I asked Jeff to create my website. Again, I liked both the process and the product of Jeff’s work. After nearly a year, I am still overwhelmed with gratitude when I look at, play with, and add to the website he created for me. The site he created is easy for me to update and I’ve received many compliments about it’s look and feel. Above all, I enjoyed the care he took in his work. I felt very comfortable working with him because it was easy and fun! For logo/brand development and for website development, I recommend Jeff Kahn without reservation.”
David McCain, Trainer/Life Coach at Communicating with Heart

“I hired Jeff to create the most valuable asset to my business – my corporate logo and stationery. The “look” was essential as it established the look and feel of my business. He did an outstanding job, was receptive to my ideas, was timely, professional and I’d highly recommend his services to anyone!”
Marcia Snow, Owner, Blue Feather Management and Professional Training & Coaching Consultant

“Jeff is a very creative guy, and he is also detail oriented. He’ll develop a great concept for you, then make it happen on your schedule. When he wants to guide you a different way, he’ll do it with grace and style. I thnk his prices are very reasonable given the outstanding quality. A presentation template he did for me gets rave reviews every time – very professional and very impactful.”
Jeffrey Anderson, Vice President, Engineering at Acacia Research

“Jeff designed a business logo and business card for my new business. He also suggested card stock and a very reasonable printer to use. The result was a card that gets many comments. People actually LOOK at the card (especially the logo) and many make comments about how much they like it. Great product, great process working with Jeff, and great attention to detail and price.”
Stephen O. Hansen, PCC, Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

“Jeff is a joy to work with and I appreciate him immensely. I first saw his work when I was introduced to Scott Kalechstein’s website www.scottsongs.com and right away I was impressed. It remained my favorite website until he created mine! Jeff has done a tremendous job with my site and everyone comments on how beautiful and professional it is. I feel extremely proud of it and I am grateful that Jeff kindly and patiently guided me step by step, while we were creating it, always taking the time to explain things to me intelligently. I absolutely recommend him and I will continue to work with him.”
Kathy Bowes, Owner, Living Happy, Joyous and Free on The Road Less Traveled with Food and Health, Wellness and Fitness Consultant

“Jeff’s work is outstanding. When it comes to logos and identity, which is what I’ve hired Jeff to produce for me in the past, he’s brilliant, EASY to work with and quite reasonably priced. I look forward to the next assignment I can give him as I think his work is awesome.. . . and he’s not paying me a cent to write this referral.”
David Winkelman, Facilitating transformation, breakthrough, desired change.