abstract painting with notan

The absence of explicit representation and suggestive imagery appeals to me. I enjoy being vague and ambiguous with the shapes I design and how visual ambiguity engages the viewer. It invites them to project their own imagination onto the piece. Otherwise, the mystery is killed. Working abstractly, I create shapes that infer unconscious imagery. Sometimes odd inferences take form — often a fun surprise, which tickles my fancy.

Abstract, biomorphic, geometric, and partial representational imagery dominates my work. I leave room for subjective interpretation. Additionally, I am compelled to develop surface texture and to experiment with different media. The process of developing a painting without a clear direction or image allows it to unfold and leads me into unexpected and creative directions. I’m fascinated with the compositional dynamics, colorful relationships, eclectic shapes, lines, patterns, and textures this genre offers.

Furthermore, Klee, Kandinsky, Bauhaus, Primitivism, and Miro have been a source of inspiration. I use the Golden Section as a grid and a point of departure. Various continuum parameters are of interest to me. For instance, geometric, rectilinear forms (verses) plant, fluid, organic forms; Logic, mind, thought, chaos (verses) simplicity, calm, serenity, order; Clear, sharp, hard (verses) vague, ambiguous, and soft.

I don’t want to limit myself to creating abstract imagery. My other interest are narrative works, landscapes, still lifes, and anything that fuels inspiration and creativity.