Project Description

This painting is a gift for Vicky. Its origins began when my mom was in hospice. Vicky and I were by her side when she died.

Vicky was married to my mom’s nephew Stephen. Mom was very loving and kind towards them both.

I was stunned by how supportive Vicky was towards my mother as she was dying. She drove hours to mom’s home and literally slept on the floor by her side, many nights in a row. Her presence was a huge comfort to my mom. It’s clear to me Vicky felt compelled to return the kindness my mother had shown her. Vicky said, “Oh, I would do anything for Aunt Clarice.”

Stephen died many years ago. Shortly after, Vicky and their daughter took a drive up to Northern California. The golden hills and oaks captured her heart and now remind her of their bond and love. Vicky shared this story after mom died. We were talking about paintings, and I realized an image of golden hills is something she would like. I was thinking that I could do this in a semi-abstract way, but it became clear it had to be representational after I asked her to explain the landscape. She wanted it to show depth.

I utilized atmospheric perspective to make it more convincing. To that end, I needed some reference to paint from. I searched for the ideal perspective. Google maps allowed me to drop the little yellow-man and look around. Thirty views and screenshots were saved, but I was not happy. I took bits and pieces from different areas then painted and arranged them in Photoshop. The clouds and mountains are from my imagination.

I created this out of gratitude for Vicky’s love and service. My mom would be incredibly happy I gave this to her.

size: 15 x 30 x 1 in. | acrylic on canvas | 2022