Project Description

Gas, oil and financial companies are determined to increase their profits. Their solution is to build dozens of dirty and toxic gas power plants within California and any community they can. These global, national and local corporations are ignoring long-term solutions such as local solar power: solar voltaic panels on homes, structures and commercial buildings are the future. The Sierra Club is campaigning to promote clean energy. This brand identity supports this cause.

The logo lucidly shows solar panels on a home, power being generated by the sun and powering our homes. The electric plug reinforces the concept.

The brand identity should function consistently in multiple applications. Therefore, I designed it to reproduce well regardless of the application’s limitations. This required three versions: full color for interactive and printed projects (rbg and cmyk), 2 spot colors for t-shirts and inexpensive silk screened applications, black and white for basic applications that require simple line art (newsprint, embroidery, signage, etc).