Project Description

For the label design, I combined my fine art and graphic design experience to create an original brand style. The background of the label was reconfigured from my abstract painting “He Disappeared” – the scan was manipulated in Photoshop.

Awhile back, I expressed my appreciation to Doyald Young and attached this logo design. He wrote me back, “ Thanks for keeping in touch, and for showing your cool logo. Great work. ”

Doyald was considered a master logotype and lettering designer. His appreciation is truly special and meaningful to me. He taught lettering, logotype design, and typography from 1955 to 1978, and again from 1998 until his death in 2011. His 36 years of teaching is a testament to his dedication as an Art Center College of Design teacher. I was fortunate to have him as my instructor.

I’ll never forget his critique of my work in class, “ Jeff, I know only one way to draw letters well and that is slowly ”. I worked incredibly hard in his class. The skills and lessons I learned remain with me to this day.

Click here to see the painting.
Prints are available for sale.