Project Description

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Touch Tone introduces a condensed lowercase and oblique italics to the uppercase font inspired by the “Dr. Strangelove” movie titles – designed by Pablo Ferro. Touch Tone’s naive hand-drawn strokes rely on a quirky variable width-brush. They are looser, more textured, tactile, more informal, with quirky nervous lines. A family of four fonts: it includes two weights, light and medium, and both with roman and italics. All the fonts include the same patterns and ornaments. However, many of the “medium” font weight ornaments are beefed up to visually match.

Touch Tone utilizes OpenType features. It imitates handcrafted lettering by including 2 glyphs for each U&lc letter (4 sets) – all kerned with care. This medley avoids a repetitious appearance so each sentence looks original and hand-drawn. The uppercase includes two widths – extra condensed and extended. Add whimsy and eccentricity by mixing the extra condensed caps with extended caps and the lowercase alphabet. Use the Contextual Alternates, or Stylistic Alternates features panel, or select the alternates in the Glyphs palette.

Touch Tone includes oldstyle numerals, a variety of retro patterns, dingbats, speech bubbles, icons, banners, graphic arrows and ornaments. Each font includes 403 glyphs. Suitable for display or text and many European alphabets. Purchase both weights, roman and oblique italics to emphasize words.

Touch Tone combines cool graphics and patterns with OpenType. Generously apply Touch Tone for added warmth and a “Rat Pack” groovin’ message.

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