Project Description

Cushy is a versatile san serif font that’s stuffed with numerous plush swashes and unique alternates. But it’s not limited to display use only. Cushy is well suited for text or display applications. Cushy’s large “x” height, square proportions, and generous even weight enhance its legibility in all point sizes. The font’s bold personality radiates friendliness and warmth. Clean classic proportions lend it authority and vigor. Cushy bends around corners and flows throughout. You won’t find any sharp corners. The diagonal strokes possess a subtle arch and enhance its characteristics. Available in 8 styles with multiple weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, including italics.

Cushy includes stylistic sets, stylistic alternates, swashes, ligatures & discretionary ligatures, and foreign language diacritic glyph support. Cushy provides 40 distinctive swash options, 17 ligatures, and 13 alternates. Weights include Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, with italics.

Cushy is suited for corporate ID, retail, magazines, books, brochures, websites, logotypes, etc. Click here to buy the font

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