Project Description

Sedona is a quirky, all capitals, display font that evokes the American West, Native Americana, vacations, travel, campgrounds, rustic lodges, needle point, Christmas, holidays, Arts and Crafts movement, quilts, tiles, and alpine resorts. It is based on an isometric grid and individual shapes that conform to the grid’s structure. Each letter or glyph is made up of numerous triangular shapes. The letters have gaps of space that create a dynamic texture. Our mind connects the triangles to complete the letter and recognize the familiar letterform.

Sedona will create a unique identity for book cover titles, editorial headings, packaging, logotypes and signs.
Create multicolored letters by selecting individual shapes within each letter and apply various colors. Simply convert type in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign with these two steps: 1. “Creating Outlines”, 2. “Release Compound Path”. You may also want to “Ungroup” the letters. Great care was taken to align the shapes perfectly. There are no overlapping or misaligned shapes.

Sedona includes punctuation, numerals, and basic math glyphs.You will find some additional and alternate glyphs in the “Glyph Palette”. Sedona does not include a lowercase or diacritics for foreign languages. You may type in lowercase but the letters will appear as uppercase.

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